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Ok that’s great your annual goals are in your head, but are they written down anywhere??

Goals are another brilliant way of controlling the over-r-whelm (O.W.) so the voice in your head is in the driver’s seat and this keeps you moving forward!

I was helping my 9 year old son think of some good annual goals for his homework recently. It’s awesome that school encourages goals and it was a real eye opener for me showing you can never be too young or too busy to set goals!! FYI – One common characteristics of successful people is they actively set goals and check in on their progress too.

My son’s goals were creative and really covered many aspects of his life from improving his French and getting 2 Principal Awards to finding more Four Leaf Clovers in our garden! These were surprising and refreshing to me as I expected them to all be soccer-related (his passion). Oh if we could all think like a child again! Kids go off on tangents and different things are important to them at different times – I love how they’re open to any possibility. We need to think like this more often!


So it got me thinking about my own goals! Although I had some clear professional goals, my personal goals were only floating in my head! I didn’t have them clearly written down in one place where I would see them regularly and check in to keep on track. I know that happy and balanced people I respect and look up to always have structure in their lives and setting goals is compulsory. So it’s taken my 9 year old son to get me to re-look at my goal behaviour that had waivered quite a bit – I’m happy to report I’m now getting back on track.

I’m super clear to myself now and have professional and personal together as they are all MY GOALS.

Now I’ve got 5 annual goals (any more and the overrwhelm would kick in) written on 5 separate cards that are next to my computer so I see them every day. Actually I see them multiple times EVERY DAY.

I’m trying to dream bigger and wider – the sky is the LIMIT and it’s not only about improving my body, mind and spirit – I want to find some four leaf clovers this year too!


My husband is now getting more strategic with his goals too and I think that our monthly date night might even happen one of these days!! 🙂

How do you set – and stick to – your goals??


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