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Well actually TED and TEDx is a movement and an event that happens all over the world and growing. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design so these are the pillars that all the information is centred on which really gives a huge scope of possibilities… I attended TEDx Sydney 2016 which was my first experience with a full day of inspiration and it didn’t disappoint.

TED and TEDx happens across many cities and you’ve probably come across them online with the stories are shared and beamed across the internet… TED is the original concept that continues to snowball and the ‘x’ represents independent events that are hosted around the world that also keep gaining in exposure.

Why should you care? TED is about spreading ideas and sharing information globally. TED is an amazing way of being ‘in the loop’ on many issues and topics and often they are only 10-20 minutes so you get the key information in a short period of time.  It provides insight into many different topics to provide information often through story telling in many mediums – speaking, video, music, dance, movement, etc. Ideas that are shared help us reflect on ourselves and those around us and we learn to look at things differently, think differently and really push the boundaries. You can decide what you’re interested in as there is a huge library of videos banked up so it’s impossible that you won’t find something that resonates with you. The content can really make you look inside and poke around and in our crazy world, most of us probably don’t do this enough. This is a choice, you can simply learn about new topics as an overview and stay in the loop of the tech boom and you can also grow and dive deep into an issue that you connect with. The choice is yours.

Depending on your interests, you’ll find different TED talks that move you, bring on enlightenment, evoke emotion, inspire, entertain, teach and so much more…

You can get a kickstart looking at the top 10 TED talks to see what all the fuss is about… Top 10 TED talks – go here. Louis Schwartzberg is a mind-blowing cinematographer that uses time lapse photographer in a gorgeous and mesmerising way. Tom Thum uses his mouth as a beat box – grab the kids and show them this one – there’s nothing boring about it!! Cameron Russell is a supermodel challenging stereotypes. How do great leaders inspire action? Learn about body language, creativity, motivation, inspiration, the list is endless…. =

TED has gotten me inspired with my kids and has shown me that despite the negativity around technology (yes mine go into that ‘coma’), there are so many positives and they can make learning fun and inspiring! Check out a list of brilliant TED talks for kids – https://www.ted.com/playlists/86/talks_to_watch_with_kids. We even watch them in podcasts in the car when they can relax (stop fighting) and learn something.

Some resonate with you and others maybe not as much… there is something for everyone and every age. The stories bring you in… move you… and in my opinion, you are never the same…

If you already know TED, go re-engage and share your favourite TED talks with us so we can share your inspiration!!
Go dive into TED and let your mind go…