Maybe it’s age, but as I get older I find myself getting calmer in one breathe and trying to open my eyes wider so I don’t miss anything, but life does feel like it’s getting faster.

I feel like I have a new wisdom, yet am still jamming as much and as many activities as possible into every second. I don’t celebrate little or big wins, I move to the next thing and look to the future without reflection on where I’ve been. I’m always looking to the future. Once this happens, then boom, what’s next. I want to get off this conveyor belt and really try to be aware of the process and enjoy this process more.

I want to be a role model to my sons to show them how to live and make each day count. I do find I smile at strangers more and am trying to live in the moment. Sh*t, that’s hard.

I love Victoria Labalme, she outlines our typical ‘good’ day and boy is she on the money. You know by now I love a good podcast and feel like I have to share all these gold nuggets I find with you as they might also resonate and help shift something for you to reconnect with what really matters. If we’re in this time crunch – we never have enough time in the day and fill every second, even multi tasking to fill more than 24 hours – how do we reconnect and communicate in our fast paced world?

It won’t take long to uncover this mystery a bit – so go listen HERE.

Victoria says to think about ‘if you were on a desert island and you were dying, but there was a young person there, someone you cared deeply about and you could only give them one piece of advice before you die about life and how to life it, what should that piece of advice be? The first thought you had is the driving force for your life. It might be follow your dreams. Be kind. Find someone who is the success you want and model it. The first thing I thought of was ‘Be kind to everyone you come across in life, no matter what’. I’m trying to weave this through my day and life and there’s no reason why I can’t do that. The challenge is to is to use this through-line in all parts of your life. When we don’t reconnect with our WHY in our lives our day feels frazzled. I can relate to this as I’m always going off on tangents and need to really pull myself back to the centre to be sure what I’m doing aligns with who I am and what I want out of life.

We’re consumed by the information you want to convey and not the experience. Stop and look at the how, the conversations that are needed and if you know what is most important to you, the communications you have should express this. I love how Victoria talks about being authentic and being you – if you didn’t listen to Victoria it’s ok, just go here. She’s actually quite comical and clear in her message.

Don’t lose who you really are. Look for your full expression and be you and this will surely help get you off the conveyor belt. I’m trying (ignore the ping of a new txt message on my phone, don’t go check Facebook) and will report back… I love that, be your authentic self – there’s only one of you so do yourself justice!