I am constantly trying to improve my time management and find ways to take care of myself and have ‘me’ time.

As a mum and general human being, this is super hard and I think we need to give ourselves a break and start by doing the best we can. When we give ourselves some precious time to look after ourselves and put ourselves first, it then opens time up to allow us to give so much more to those we love and are closest too. The Qantas mask theory keeps popping up everywhere – on the plane if there’s a problem and the oxygen masks come down – you must put YOUR mask on first, then you put one on your child or help others. If you don’t help yourself first, you can’t help anyone as you’ll be passed out. This is such a simple but clear message.

Making better time choices is a challenge for all of us but we can start small. We need to exercise or do more activity for ourselves – get up 30 minutes earlier each day and go for a walk. Listen to uplifting music or an inspiring podcast at the same time and over time, you will see an amazing transformation. Take the family to the beach or on a hike and spend time together – put down the electronics and teach them valuable time skills by DOING and living life. This doesn’t have to cost a penny and the memories you make will be timeless. Get out of your comfort zone and go to a concert or dinner with friends and listen to each other. Turn off the tv unless you’re watching an animal documentary or something educational and share this with your family. Then play board games or do a puzzle and get your brain going.

There are so many ways to make smarter choices with your time and I love the fact that we’re role models to our kids and we’re setting good habits for ourselves and those that look up to us. I know listening to an inspiring podcast about being present more always sets me on the right path and eventually I know this will become the new habit – I just need to work these new muscles and get them working properly. Being a role model is motivation enough to get me off the couch and LIVING and DOING and BEING and maximising my time as we don’t know how long we’re here so we may as well make it count!

This post was inspired by a recent article that was simple but confronting – the average person watches 1,011 hours watching tv per year. OMG let’s change this stat and turn off the box and start living. x