I’m trying so hard to be present.

To enjoy every moment of the day whether I’m in my head on my own, with my kids, my partner or friends, I keep trying to bring myself back to this point so that I’m aware. Aware of what’s going on around me. I start every morning with a 12 minute medication that includes being silent, still and visualising the amazing things I have and want. I must say that it’s having a profound effect and I can’t recommend this enough.

Lately I’ve become so much more aware of how little time I have left with my kids before they head out into the big wide world and don’t need me (as much!). My 7 year old didn’t want to hold my hand in the playground the other day which jolted me. I’m ok with this as I know he’s becoming more independent but it’s also a big test for me to mark this milestone and soak up every moment between now and the eventual then.

I see everyone trying to do so much and we’re all caught up in the chaos of being busy. I am also guilty of this of course as a working mum, but I’m not beating myself up so much when I feel the need to stop, get away from the laptop or the mobile and be present. I’m trying to really listen to my kids and stop saying ‘do this, do that…’ and see if we can find a calmer world where they step up and I let them do things their way (instead of always my way). I can be a bit pedantic so I must consciously stop myself from making their bed and picking up their clothes all the time and wait for them to do it (or not). The other day I suggested to my oldest son that he might want to go have a look in his room to ensure it was tidy so that he could proceed and really start the day right (he has my brain!). He rushed off to his room to make his bed – I might be on to something here! I want to teach my kids to be beautiful kind beings that are independent and can think for themselves. This is a big job and we’re all doing our best, but I think we need to get direction from them more often and give them credit they very often deserve.

Kids are so good at being present. Have you ever noticed they find the perfect game to play, usually together without fighting, just before you have to rush off somewhere? This is the norm in my world and I’m glad that they’re capable of it. They are testing me and boundaries and learning all the time so I say bring it. Kids have so much to teach us so let’s listen to them and watch how they are too and really make positive changes to improve your family life. I love an educator I heard recently who said ‘If you’d doing a puzzle, put down the f&*$ing mobile and do that puzzle!’ Now that’s advice we should all listen to!

Whenever I think I’m getting overloaded I stop and check in again – am I being present?