I think most kids have a great knack for retaining information, even useless information, at a rapid rate. I was certainly the Memory Game champion of my family and still love to play. As I’ve gotten older I’ve accepted that my memory isn’t what it used to be and I depend on my 10 year old who has become my memory. Now I’m learning that this can change and we can get our memory back!

I’ve told myself that I’m hopeless remembering people’s names, even if I repeat them over and over. Because I’ve told myself I’m hopeless at remembering names, I don’t have a chance at even possibly remembering any names as I’ve already told my brain this isn’t something it does. Well, recently I listened to this podcast and WOW, it’s awesome and Jim teaches you how to retrain your brain and get more out of it. I don’t know about you, but this is gold and I’M ALL IN!

The whole thing is really interesting – listen on 1.5x speed to maximise your time (your brain will follow if you focus) and if you’re time poor, jump to about 50 minutes in to learn the 10 keys for a ‘Kwik’ Brain. It’s such a fun exercise as Jim walks you through the 10 things associating each with a location so remembering them is fun and easy. Location is key and relates back to our cave woman days (hunter and gatherers) and our 2,500 year old brain and knowing where the best food was to survive. I kept going back to listen to Jim’ explanation over and over as it was so interesting. Then he tests you and sees what you retain and you can’t help but do this exercise – again I did this multiple times so it was really cemented into my brain so I encourage you to do the same. Now these 10 things are PRIORITIES in my life… – Diet, Killing Negative Thoughts, Exercise, Brain Nutrients, Positive Peer Group, Clean Environment, Sleep, Brain Protection, New Learnings, Stress Management… FOCUS on ALL of these and you’re guaranteed to have an AWESOME and FULL life…

Boost Your Brain Power, Learn Faster, and More

I love sharing things I find and inspire me and hopefully you’ll also see some value.

If you have anything to share, please do share and give Jim’s exercise a go!