I’ve become obsessed with reducing waste and being aware of how much we overindulge and don’t even realise it. Grabbing a bottle of water from the cafe instead of bringing it in a reusable bottle seems crazy to me and I’ve been trying to educate my kids (and myself and my man) why this shouldn’t be an option and to look beyond. Recycling is good but maybe you don’t even need to use the bottle in the first place so it’s about thinking smarter and not just putting band aids on things for the short term.

We’re all going so fast. We need to S T O P. Really. S T O P. It’s amazing what you see when you slow down and look at bugs or smell the roses. From slowing down our family now takes the time to make kombucha, kimchi, biltong, fresh bread, etc and we enjoy everything we make because we made it. It feels and tastes better and makes you more mindful. I love the idea of going back to basics and my next project is to build a kick-ass veggie patch and get honey bees… baby steps (watch this space – we’re not moving to a farm in Byron just yet!!).

I was in the hospital recently and noticed they handed out a disposable water bottle to every room whenever you wanted one. The first day I saved mine to give back to the man to recycle and he threw it in the bin – not the recycling bin, the rubbish bin. Crazy! Then I used my reusable water bottle and put my thinking cap on (amazing what you do when you have time!). I wrote out a list of hospital room improvements for my doctor and suggested that every patient get their own reusable water bottle that is then washed in the kitchen when they’re done with it (they have a kitchen so might as well use it) and the hospital would save $$!! I know $$ is what makes companies sit up and take notice and being eco-friendly is really very profitable on many levels which I don’t think anyone disputes.

This was a bit extreme, but I’ve made other changes and really think differently and want to encourage everyone just to THINK. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. Don’t be a lamb to the slaughter, use your own brain. So what changes have I made? Here’s a few that you might also like to adopt:

  • Have a reusable coffee cup in my car always (KeepCup/Frank Green are my favs) – see the image of lots of options.
  • Have water bottles in every door of the car always so there’s always water close by.
  • Collect all the soft plastic (cling wrap, soft packaging, etc) and collect it to drop off to the local supermarket’s ‘recycle your plastic shopping bags here’ bins.
  • Dashing out – chop up some fruit and snacks and throw in a reusable container so you don’t get tempted to buy over packaged and unhealthy stuff.
  • Passing on old clothes, sheets, shoes, toys, books to others who will love and cherish them as you did… this makes you feel wonderful too! #payitforward
  • Replacing household items with eco-friendly varieties – toothpaste, soap, cleaning products, etc!

I hate shopping. Well if I see something I like, it’s priced right and I think it will fit, I get it. But generally the act of shopping makes my eyes glaze over. I recently went to a car boot sale – only to visit a friend as remember I hate shopping. I popped around and spent about $80 getting about 40 things – really! Some for my kids and hubby, but mostly awesome pieces for myself that were on average $2! Some even had tags! I found bamboo plates, books, stuff well beyond clothes and it was FUN! I do love a deal! Ethical fashion is the catch phrase lately, but think about it – do you know where your clothes come from? There’s a sister brand, seljak, that produces beautiful blankets and each sister is on another side of the world, but they wanted to do something together and make a difference. Making a difference is so important.