I am L O V I N G reading at the moment and can’t get enough. I’m loving podcasts and just getting more and more information into my brain.

I had about 12 books next to my bed and it was a bit overwhelming so I put half of them in the bottom of my bedside table so I didn’t have to look at them. I love looking at them but then felt as though I wasn’t reading fast enough. Mad, maybe. Now I’ve got 5-6 books next to my bed and I’m reading them all simultaneously (well not all at the same time but one by one never finishing one before I start another). When I feel like reading I see how I feel and pick one up and read for a bit. Then later or another day I’ll do the same with another book. The topics are all different. Fiction. Self-Help. Business. Health. Autobiography. I have so many interests and the more info I consume the more interests I can find.

I don’t think I have a problem, but I had a good question asked of me today when I said I couldn’t get enough when it came to reading and listening to podcasts (like reading but I can be running or driving and consuming easily which makes it so amazing) – Why do you feel like you need to consume all these things and get overwhelmed? What is your reason?

I think firstly I love to learn and the more I read the more I grow. I learn new words (i.e. seppuku – meaning ceremonial suicide by ripping open the abdomen with a dagger or knife: formerly practiced in Japan by members of the warrior class when disgraced or sentenced to death – which I learned from Shogun and I might never have known about this interesting and insane ritual!). I also love to hear new stories. It’s easy to remember things I read or hear connected with their stories and it definitely makes life richer overall. I’m constantly re-telling stories that have moved me as I can’t keep them in and know they need to be told again and again!

When I’m learning this way I’m in flow and things make sense as my brain goes deeper than I normally would on specific topics and are not just topline so I know these are things I can pull out later when needed. I don’t worry if I don’t remember everything as I know my brain database will be able to sift through the depts of info and pull out that necessary gem when required. (Tim Ferriss believes this to be so and it makes sense to me so I’ll go with it!).

So to answer my friend’s question – why do I love to read and learn? It helps me organise my thoughts and re-arrange my thoughts and CHANGE my thoughts and therefore who I am. I am a different person than I was last week and I’ll be different next week. Who we are is shown by how we react to our thoughts. I’m feeling more in control of my thoughts and ensuring that they stay positive and helpful to me and never damaging. When doubt creeps in, my positive brain and thoughts kick doubt in the butt and like a cloud, I watch this negative thought come and go. Then it’s gone. My brain has learned to do this quite automatically and I know learning other opinions and viewpoints through reading and podcasts can only have a positive benefit to my overall being to continue to streamline my brain and thoughts.

Is this a long confusing answer? I hope not. We’re alone with our inside voices a lot so I thought it was valid to talk about it. I’ve been giving my voices names and characters – but that’s digging up a whole other can of worms for another day!