Every year I pick an overall theme and have a different focus each month. I set the themes of the 12 months of the new year before it starts. I find this exercise really helps give me a purpose overall for the year and also drilling down by month to keep me on track. Using my intuition to pick the themes is an added bonus as it’s amazing to see what comes up. This process can be done anytime throughout the year – not only January – and encourage everyone to try a variation of this and see what you think.This is my year of meditation and I need to stop, close my eyes and just be for a minimum of 5 minutes per day. This is meant to help me stop and be more in the moment. The busier I get the more I’ll need to meditate. The Dalai Lama usually meditates 1 hour per day. When he has an unusually crazy schedule one day he says that he needs to increase his meditation to 2 hours. Total logic!


Think about it. Stop and create some space so the important things can flow in instead of bounce off you. I’m listening better and seeing things I never saw before and it’s early days in my meditating journey. What do you need? Maybe you need to move every day. Just go for a walk or swim in the ocean. Whatever makes you sing, do it. Don’t wait for tomorrow.


I’m in the monthly theme of NURTURE – for me, my people, my business and everything around me. Don’t force the themes, see what comes into your head and go with it. Everyone is different. Embrace this and don’t compare. We all compare so much – especially when you look at social media – but we all need different things to be full and happy. Listen to what you need and feed this. Do more art. Do more crosswords. Have more green smoothies. Try fasting. Read a book a month or even a week. Push the boundaries and go for it. I’m reading ‘Start With Why’ and this is making me realise more and more how different we all are and how special that fact is. We all need something different to make us tick so work out what it is.


Live from your heart, not your head. What makes your heart sing?