And it will.

Haven’t you heard that? Everything happens how it should and when it should?

I love the story of the farmer who has a horse that runs away. His neighbours say what bad luck he has. The farmer replies maybe we’ll see. The horse returns with 3 other horses so now the farmer has 4. The neighbours say what good luck he has. The farmer says maybe we’ll see. The farmer’s son is thrown from one of the horses and breaks his leg. The neighbours say what bad luck he has. The farmer replies maybe we’ll see. War breaks out and all young men must go to war. The farmer’s son can’t go because he broke his leg and his life is saved.

The end might not always be the end and the way things occur might be the way they’re meant to occur. There’s another saying – if things haven’t worked out in the end, it’s probably not the end. There is so much comfort in this and to know that we don’t control things really. We have to be patient and see how things evolve. Stop and be patient. Wow that’s a hard one. We can still be ourselves and do what we need to, but worrying unnecessarily serves no purpose at all. We have to let everything naturally fall into place. Wherever that place might be, even if it doesn’t make sense. It will probably make sense later. Missing out on a sport’s team and having to work extra hard to make it the next time is an invaluable skill that builds tenacity and grit. Life can only be better if you have more tenacity and grit – you only see this lesson later when the dust settles!

Following your natural intuition and the road more or less traveled is up to you so choose what you do and how you do it and be confident that that’s where you’re meant to be right now. The rest will take care of itself.