I love help and love how parents share and help each other too!

Recently I found an amazing resource, www.nolimitsnation.com, as I’ve been seeking out more tools in helping me parent. I’ve been thinking about what I hope to accomplish as a parent and really, I want my boys to be happy and confident. That sums it up. If they can be both they should have the tools to deal with whatever gets thrown their way.

Life is full of challenges and if they didn’t have them then their life would be very uneventful. I’ve learned to embrace these challenges to know there is something super special around the corner and to try and learn from every hiccup. When you’ve given lemons, make lemonade!

I loved the 10 Parenting TIps to Raising Confident Kids – see it here –  www.nolimitsnation.com.

This reminds of something someone told me recently. When was the last time you told your kids that you LIKED them? Not loved them as we have to say that as parents, but LIKE them and enjoy spending time with them. I’m trying to use this tactic more to help their confidence so they know that they are very LIKE-ABLE. I tell my 8 year old that actually he’s very funny and I like hanging out with him. He beams. I tell my 11 year old that I believe in him and he can do anything he wants.

I tell my kids all these great positive things when they’re sleeping because, why not! If it gets into their sub-conscious all the better! As a matter of fact, let’s tell EVERYONE that we like how much we like them. You hear about it when someone doesn’t like you, let’s flip that around. I only have people around that I like, but I must still tell them every so often so they know.

The power of positivity! By the way, I think you’re AWESOME! x