I’m currently ‘in flow’.

I’m listening to my intuition and following all the signs that lead me around and things are smooth. It’s so much easier to be in flow than to fight against everything. I haven’t always been in flow. Living in the here and now is freaking hard. My kids are great reminders to be present as I watch my 8 year old play and live in his imagination. When kids play they are just thinking about where they’re at right then, not what they’re having for dinner or who they’re going to play with tomorrow. They are brilliant at maximising each and every day. They don’t worry about yesterday and get anxious about tomorrow (in general), they just go with the flow.

My older son was presenting the assembly at school and asked if I wanted to come watch. ‘Of course’, I said. Then he remembered that I usually go to yoga at this time and much I loved it so he said, ‘Why don’t you go to yoga this time, there will be another assembly next term you can come to.’ Yes my son actually said that – I was stunned too! So I agreed and didn’t go. I figured the Universe was guiding me and I needed yoga more than my son’s assembly on this day. So then my younger son got an award and my older son got to present it to him. (Note – my younger son has had some issues lately so this award was super exciting for all of us!). When the boys came home to tell me about their day and how exciting it was, I was guilty. I thought I should have been there. I missed out on a special moment for them doing something for myself (oh the mama guilt). BUT, then I did a re-frame. My boys got to come home from school – super excited – to share a special moment they had together and tell me all about it. This was a moment they shared. You see – I wasn’t supposed to be there! Once you re-frame and really go with the flow, everything works.

So how do you know if you’re in flow? I’ll share my magic trick with you. If you’re going about your life and need a parking spot, one appears. Like poof just appears and usually it’s right in front of the building or place you need to go into. The parking space is not 10 blocks away, it’s a freaking ROCKSTAR park! Out the front! If you keep missing out on spots, especially at the last minute, oh dear, you’re way out of flow. LISTEN to that voice you have – your gut, your intuition – it’s super clever and will ALWAYS tell you which way to go. Did I mention that living in flow is so bloody fun too!

Try it. Let me know how you go. Feel free to share my magic trick. If we can get everyone in flow OMG, the world we will live in… I’m excited just thinking about it!

Over and out. x