I love a good list of rules and there is always something else to learn! Who doesn’t want to be a better person? Or be liked just a little bit more by others?

C’mon, we all do! I heard these rules on a podcast the other day and I just had to share them. These are really just rules to be a good person and if we all adopted most of them, the world would shift big time!!

1. Never use your phone in a meeting. Have a pen. – Love this! It’s rude and a waste of time for all involved. Be present.

2. Act like you belong. Act like a peer. – Everyone started somewhere so step up, be confident and fake it til you make it. Watch magic happen!

3. Mystery makes history. – Be humble and don’t tell everyone everything. You won’t explode and they might not even care! Save your breathe and observe and listen more. You’ll realise how much you’ve been missing!

4. Never break your trust. Be a vault. – This is so important, whether it’s your kids or a close friend. If they’ve shared a secret, keep it that way. It will only strengthen your bond. You’ll also know they can be trusted if you need a vault too!

5. Adventures only happen to the adventurous. – So don’t sit by and be a spectator, take that bull by the balls and go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I’m sure we could come up with so many more, but these lists are most effective when there’s only a small number of them!!

Baby steps and let’s change this planet one amazing person at a time! Peace and light! 😉