Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do the Fridge-to-go® bags work?

Fridge-to-go® bags are very easy to use, just remove the panel from the zipped pocket and place this (or the whole bag if you prefer) in the freezer overnight. Replace the panel when you want to use it, fill and go. Be sure to keep the bag zipped close when possible and the cooling inside will last up to 8 hours.

Q: Do you ship anywhere in the world?

YES WE SHIP WORLD-WIDE (all in Australian dollars):
Flat Rate $12 Standard Australia Post OR Flat Rate $18 for Express Post Australia-wide

We will quote you to your country on request so please let us know your address including telephone number, your proposed order and any other relevant information and we’ll reply ASAP.

Q: I love the Fridge-to-go bags and want to get my school to run a fundraiser. How do I do this?

Run a simple (and HEALTHY!!) fundraiser (in Australia only) with Fridge-to-go where our lunch bags can be purchased at a discounted rate PLUS we give $5 per bag back to the school (pre-school/club). You also save on postage as we cover the delivery to your school in one bulk order within one week of orders being submitted. Get organised sooner than later and help your school. Let us help with a better fundraiser alternative to chocolate! For more info see how our fundraiser works here. You can email us with your logo for a tailored order form to

Q: Am I using the Fridge-to-go correctly?

Our bags are super easy to use so here are some tips to ensure you’re using the bag to its fullest potential!!
1. Be sure to keep the bag zipped up closed whenever possible so ensure the coolness stays inside the bag and doesn’t mix with the outside hot temperature. Bags left open especially in the heat of summer often result in more condensation (breeding ground for mold) even after everything inside has been eaten. Encourage your children to keep them zipped up and closed whenever possible and explain why so they can learn to ‘drive’ the bag themselves.
2. Having your panel in the freezer at least overnight should be sufficient in terms of ensuring it’s frozen, but if you can store it there all the time, this will ensure the bag works to its fullest potential.
3. Leave your bag out and open to dry out after use to help prevent mold and nasty smells from accumulating. Whenever possible dry the bag out in the sun for a natural method of bacteria-cleansing.
4. Whenever necessary, give your bag a good old fashioned hand scrub – with a good clothes brush, using laundry or dish washing soap and don’t forget to dry in the sun.
5. Check the water level (purified salt water level) periodically to ensure there is no leaking (this is very rare) and the panel remains 3/4 full when not frozen. Any issues – contact us!

Q: Are the Fridge-to-go® bags appropriate to store expressed breast milk?

Absolutely, this is an ideal method of transporting the precious liquid to ensure it stays cool and fresh up to 8 hours – the lunch bags hold a manual breast pump (ie Avent) and bottle easily.

Q: Do you sell the cooling panels separately so I can have a spare in the freezer at all times?

Yes, we carry spare panels for both the Small and Medium Lunch bags and they are great so you always have one in the freezer ready to go.

Q: Can I take the lunch bag on an airplane overseas?

The Small Lunch bag panel contains 260ml (purified salt water) and the Medium Lunch bag panel contains 290ml of liquid so they do contain MORE than the allowed 100ml for carry on luggage. We have travelled extensively with this bag overseas and never had a problem at customs especially as the liquid is contained and not accessible. We recommend that you do contact the airline you’re flying with for more details if you are concerned. FYI – we believe that liquid of over 100ml is now allowed on all flights although double check to be sure.

Q: How can I clean my lunch bag as it’s gotten quite smelly?

Try and keep the bag zipped up and closed as often as possible – including AFTER the contents have been eaten as this helps to reduce condensation and prevents mould – prevention is key! It is a simple thing to do that will make a big difference. If the bag isn’t closed and returns home with some condensation ensure it is left in the sun/out to dry. We recommend using baking soda/ vinegar/ eucalyptus oil and water to give the bags a good clean out on a regular basis. Also, tell your child (or yourself) to keep the bag zipped closed whenever possible as this will reduce wetness overall. Failing that, we do put our bags (with panel removed) in a delicate cold water wash cycle in the washing machine every once in a while (ie each school holidays) to keep them clean and fresh although note – this may reduce the lifespan of your bag.

Q: How many baby bottles do your bags hold?

This depends on which bottles you’re using. As a guide, the small lunch bag holds 2 bottles and the medium lunch bag holds 3 bottles based on the small/medium Avent bottles but most sizes will fit the lunch bags.

Q: What is the weight of your lunch bags empty?

The Small Lunch bag is 500g and the Medium Lunch bag is 700g without anything inside them (except the panel).

Q: Do the Fridge-to-go® bags keep things warm?

No, the Fridge-to-go® range acts like your fridge and has been made to keep things cool like a fridge.

Q: Do the Fridge-to-go® bags keep things frozen?

Generally, the bags will work as your home fridge does. If you put something frozen in either the fridge or a Fridge-to-go bag, it will gradually thaw, but this melting process will take longer than if you were to just leave it out on the counter.

Q: Are you having issues finalising your order on our website?

If you’ve gone to the checkout directly via PayPal sometimes your computer pre-fills your billing details and there’s no box to include your billing phone number and you get stuck. If that’s the case, try this – use the ‘Go To Checkout’ instead of selecting the PayPal checkout and manually put in your details (including phone number). Then your order should be accepted.

FYI – We want your experience to be hassle-free and easy so if you have any further issues that you can’t resolve, please contact us asap.

Q: I’m not sure whether to get the Small or Medium Lunch bag?

If you’re not sure which model to get, get the Medium as it’s always better to have too much space that you don’t use, then not enough space! If you use lots of containers the Medium is a better option. Remember, the bags last so get one that will work for you for years to come.

Q: Do you have a bag that is ideal for golfers?

The MF6 Mini Fridge (Mini Fridge 6) has a 6 can capacity and can be hung from your golf bag (by the shoulder strap) or taken in the golf cart. The Medium Lunch can hold 2-3 bottles of water and clips on to a golf bag or cart.

Q: How can I put my child’s name on the bag?

There is a name tag pocket on the back under the velcro of the Small and Medium Lunch bags – just slide a piece of cardboard with your child’s name in the pocket. Alternatively, you can use a sticker name tag (we find the ones with rounded covers are more effective) and this is easier than using an iron on label that could melt the bag. Otherwise use a bag tag that can be clipped on to personalise your child’s bag.

Q: Does the panel come with the bag or do I need to buy this separately?

The bags all come with panels and straps (if unclip-able) that you require and you don’t need to purchase anything additional.