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More effective than Ordinary Cooler Bags !

Stays Colder… Longer !

Based on our 8 Hour test.

  • Fridge-to-Go
  • Ordinary Cooler Bag with Ice
  • Ordinary Cooler Bag

Potential minutes saved by Fridge-to-Go parents each year NOT playing around with messy ice bricks!

and counting...




  • What? – This unique range of cooler bags keeps its contents cold for up to 8 hours unlike any other product on the market. Durable, collapsible, easily stored, re-usable and environmentally friendly (BPA and PVC-free and lead-safe) with bio-degradable panels containing non-toxic purified salt water. Perfect for your child going to school or for yourself to pack a healthy easy lunch. So much more than just a cooler bag!
  • Where? – Take it everywhere! Don’t take our word for it, see the bag in action for yourself! Place a room temperature bottle of water in a fully charged Fridge-to-go® bag and zip it up. Check it every hour on the hour to see how well it chills and maintains the coolness! This bag will become your new companion as you find new ways to incorporate it into your lifestyle!

How? – Using patented high performing chilling panels that are Earth-friendly and a process called Surround Cooling results in making travelling with food and drinks a breeze. Super Easy to Use – the panel(s) is inserted into a zipped pocket that is made with a special Tempguard fabric that lines all Fridge-to-go® models to help maintain the chill longer than traditional insulated bags and reduce sweating and wetness. In a rush? Throw the whole bag in the freezer or, as most of the cooling panels are removable (except the Medical Travel Wallet) you can just place the panels in the freezer and store them there all the time so they’re always ready in a flash!

  • Why? – Completely portable, the bags require no messy ice bricks, batteries or external power source and acts as an extension of the home refrigerator replacing the best cooler bag used at home (actually you can now ditch all those old cooler bags gathering dust in your garage!). You’ll want to tell all your friends how this bag has given you peace of mind and you’ve now found the perfect gift for that friend who has everything!! Make life easy for yourself!
  • Our SURROUND COOLING Technology is used throughout our entire product line which means you’re getting the performance you need to keep the contents of each Fridge-to-go ® cold for a full day away from home. So when you place any room temperature food & drink inside a fully recharged Fridge-to-go®, it will take less than 2 hours to chill it, working just like your home refrigerator would and sometimes outperforming it!

The BEST performing lunch box according to parents! Have you tried one yet?

100+ Fuss-Free Lunch eTips Vol II



How does it work and what people are saying…

See how 6 year old Jasper uses his Fridge-to-Go Lunch Bag.

I am so very thankful for this lunchbox – it’s wonderful! From 8:30am up to 7 hours later it is still cold. I love that it has a hard SLIM ice pack that covers one entire half of the lunchbox and also a sleeve to put it in which holds condensation so stuff doesn’t get wet. Brilliant! I will be using this lunchbox until it falls apart, if it ever does. I love it!  Again thank you! GREAT JOB!


Super Mum to Sam, 5 yrs old

My son takes this to school several times a week and everything stays very cold and for once I feel confident that the dairy products I pack will stay fresh throughout the day. He is still snacking from it at his after school events and he says everything is still cold and that’s a solid eight hours after packing it. Great product!


Mum to Chloe, 8, Dylan, 4 & Lily, 3



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